Monday, January 25, 2010

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

I had plans this weekend. Correction. I had routines this weekend. Some I still ended up doing - others ended up being replaced by other things, and in that replacement I didn't find disorder and anxiety but rather, found peace and accomplishment. Here's how it all played out.

Friday night we go to church; it is most always a life changing event. I don't know if I have the word capability to describe to you the way God has been moving and changing lives. Friday was a corporate prayer night. We believe in moving corporately being mindful of the whole and not the individual, of being Kingdom minded not indivualistic. Anyone know the word 'homotheumadon' (not sure if I am spelling it correctly)? It's a Greek word meaning rushing along together in unison. That's where we're headed.

Quote from Pastor Kevin during Friday night's service is very appropriate for this post. 
"Don't make plans; respond to what comes toward you."

Saturdays, we usaully fall into the same routine: sleep-in a bit as Friday nights are usually a late night, breakfast together, I head off to worship team practice, the kids hang out playing at the church, BigB does some sort of computer work around the church, I get groceries and then we either have company, visit or enjoy quiet family time with the kids.

This Saturday I did sleep in.  Whew!  (Grin} Instead of dressing in nice clothes I threw on my paint covered work clothes and got the kids ready to go spend some time with their friends.  BigB was all ready at the church, putting in a full day of software adding, network, tweaking, cable running and whatever else those computer-type people do for fun.  We went about our morning routine of caring for pets and check out who was missing...

That's right!  Gone!  We looked in his rocks, under his rocks and in that plastic plant and he. was. gone!
I spent ALL day wondering when he was going to leap down on me from the ceiling when we finally did get home but, I am pleased to announce that when we walked in the door and I ran to see if he was there, there he was, happy as can be in his terrarium! Whew!

Oh yes, why did I put on paint splattered work clothes? Well, to work obviously but that is where plans changed; I wasn't doing my "usual Saturday stuff".  As a church body we went to the duplexes we are fixing up.  The duplexes where our city police used to get 30% of their calls from.  30%!
I spent the day sanding, snapping a few photos, singing with my friends and laughing all while doing something tat had nothing to do with me and everything to do with HIM.
It was one of the best Saturdays I have had in a long time.

No, I am not normally quite that pastey, chalky looking.  {Grin}

So, what did I learn this weekend?  Well, from Friday's service and Saturday's turn of events I learned to not make plans and to just respond to what comes toward me.  I will respond to God and I will allow Him to form me.

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  1. God's way is always the best way, despite what we may think at the time :)

    What a nice way to help the community by fixing up those homes.

    With love and hope,
    We are Nine