Sunday, January 10, 2010

It's raining men glass

Do you doubt me?  This morning, as we drove to church, it was raining glass.  Read on to see what I mean.  It gets way more interesting than the dictionary lesson I give.  Promise! {Grin}

Contend (verb):  to strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties

In Isaiah 49: 25 God tells us that He will contend against those who contend against us.  That's a pretty cool thought.  We don't have to fight for or defend ourselves.  God's word tells us that He will do it.  That is what made going out to our car this morning that much easier and made the sight we saw that much  more bearable.

Two weeks ago, I tripped over a brick going to my car which caused me to discover this

No big deal - just an annoyance.

This morning we awoke to this

The triangle mark on the car is where we found the ceramic tile that did the damage.

So, this, my friends, is how it was raining men er, glass.  With each bump our car hit more glass rained down into our backseat.  We had sent the kids with friends of ours so none of the glass landed on them. And as it rained glass, I had to laugh.  The alternative is to cry, right?  Why would I laugh?  I had to laugh because I thought it was really funny that Satan thought that this would ruin our day and keep us from church.  How silly is that?  You see, if a flat tire can keep you from church, you will always have a flat tire.  If the sniffles keep you in bed and from going to be in the presence of God, yep, you got it right, you will be sick all the time. 

And why should we waste our time worrying about something that God will take of for us.  He will contend with those who have contended against us.  He will restore to us what has been taken away.  I am not better or more efficient than God, so I cam going to leave it to Him.


  1. Oh gosh. Can you teach this lesson to my friend. Have spent the last 2 sundays praying for her about this very thing (well, it was one of many, but today especially). So true, ma'm, so true!

  2. Oh my goodness! Horrible! But I do love the attitude you have about it! :)

  3. So sorry that happened. It's annoying to have inconveniences like that. Glad you still went to church! Show him!