Friday, February 12, 2010

And it starts, but so soon?

It's Friday.  (YAY!  It's Friday!)  We have a church service on Friday evenings at our church; it is usually a corporate prayer night.  Each Friday, mostly without fail, is the day of the week where things get thrown at the congregation.  Distractions come, couples fight, children misbehave, gargage doors won't shut, vans blow up (Oh? You think I'm kidding on that one? I wish I were; it's still sitting in our driveway where we managed to get it from it's point of ignition). 

(mind you these things also seem to happen Sunday mornings too.  Is it just our congregation or do you find that to happen as well?)

Anyway, each morning we do devotions and/or prayer as a family.  This morning was no different.  As we were praying (the kids had all ready lead and it was my "turn") our cat walked over to me, wrapped her paw around my leg and bit me!  Not hard.  She never even left a mark but hard enough for me to know what she had done.  She has NEVER done this - EVER!  It made me laugh.  We have come to expect the unexpected. 

And if the distractions are going to start coming, and in such bizzarre ways, I CAN"T WAIT for service tonight!  That's usually a good indication of what is to come - the more, or worse, the distractions, the more powerful the service.

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  1. Sunday morning fights? Oh yeaaahh. Not a fan. THere used to be one couple from a church I went to that would actually still be having them when they got to church, would send their boys in, and then would sit in the car and continue it. Definitely an attack. Have a great day!@!!!