Saturday, February 6, 2010

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Ok, so here it is Feb 6. All ready!? I mean, wow! Anywho. Here it is Feb 6 and I am just now about to show you some pictures of the incredibly, wonderfully fun night we had on New Year's Eve. I know. I know. You are welcome for my promptness.

Picture it, our church, New Year's Eve, last day of 2009. Wait! You won't have to picture it. I have pictures for you! Once again, you. are. welcome. {GRIN}

What did we do New Year's Eve? Well, as I stated above, we spent it at our church. We are truly like a big family there and so it is always a joy to be with them, whether we are working on building projects, playing sports or eating! So, the order of the evening was the Iron Chef competition, which BigB and I competed in as a team, then we ate a delicious supper prepared by everyone at the church (potluck/potblessing whatever you call it), we had a time of prayer and fellowship and then, it was time for the acting of the skit I wrote called Biggest Loser - Church Edition. We had a lot of fun and did a good job but, it would have been a lot better had we had more time to practice.

The Iron Chef judges. They're a tough group; there was just no bribing them! {grin}

BigB & I creating our two master piece dishes. Technically, they were his master piece dishes as I was simply the assistant.

Our very dear friend and his, ahem, lovely hair piece. Oh that is right, folks. He. is. not. a. natural. blonde! {Grin}

Our dishes. "Yummay" I am starting to feel a bit hungry.

Canadian Revival Center's 2009 Iron Chef competitors. The winners were the two lovely ladies on the left hand side of the photograph. BigB & I are in the center.

Last minute running of lines for the skit. This would be one of my dearest friends; she is a wonderful and lovely lady, inside and out!

(poor picture quality. sorry) Jen made the perfect Jillian-type character, and, yes, that is my dear husband she is barking orders at.

The lovely hostess, Jayda and I can't forget, down in the corner, the cutest little "applause now" card holder. ever! My dear Bug. Jellybean was on the other side holding a card as well. They love to be involved in everything they can, especially mama's skits.

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