Monday, February 1, 2010

Not Me Monday

Well, it's that time again - where we get to clear the air and own up to things we did not - ahem - do.  Check out Mckmama's site to see what she and many others won't own up to doing.

I did not get it in my head this week to for sure start an at home daycare, get a call the next day from the daughter of a lady BigB works with, meet with her family and decide that as soon as I could get a couple more children I would start sitting.  That same night I did not get two calls from two different friends asking me to sit in the afternoons for their children.  It did not happen that fast that I didn't feel like my head was spinning.  As of next week I am not officially sitting for a 13 month old, his sister after school, and three of Bug's friends for the afternoons. I also will not be working where at the grocery store, where I currently work, one night a week.

I did not lose my voice entirely after an intense weekend at church; there was powerful times of prayer at both services as well as some intense worship times.  I also believe that my working out at Manville again on Saturday and being in the thick drywall dust and paint fumes did not help matters. 

I am not glad that I have this blog because it is currently my only outlet for vocalizing...being quiet does not stink!

What aren't you ready to own up to doing? 

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  1. wow...the home daycare certainly came together! must have been meant to be!!! :)