Monday, February 22, 2010

Revamping, Purging and What-Not

BigB & I sat in our living room on Saturday evening and realized we are tired.  Tired of it looking the same way for the past few years.  We will be starting a revamping of our own place; we have been spending a lot of time and energy helping out at Manville and that is great (wouldn't change it) but it is time for an overhaul of our house.

We discussed general paint colors and different things we want to do in the living room, kitchen and our bedroom.  We will be starting in the living room.  I have the paint chips to look at and for us to decide on.  Maybe tonight.  There are some things that I can move and then we wait a bit, get some paint and plan for an afternoon or two to do some painting.

I will make sure to include before and after pictures but you will need to be patient.  It could take awhile for the after to be done.  {grin}
I am definitely excited about getting it done.  Sometimes change is good!

Last week I went through Bug's room and got rid of a bunch of stuff from there.  Felt good to get another three shopping bags of stuff out of my house.

Speaking of which I have two or three more bags downstairs to take to Value Village and get out from my house.  Huzzah!  Can't wait for it to be all gone!

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