Saturday, February 20, 2010

Ssshhhhh...Can you keep a secret?

Of course you can!  Which is why I am telling you all because I need to tell someone - so why not my best internet blogging buddies?  Right?  Right.  That is exactly what I thought!

So, here goes.

There is a young lady I know; she is like a daughter to us.  She is a single mom to a beautiful 2 and a half year old who calls me "Gramma". I may only be 35 years old but that she loves my husband and I enough to make us "Gramma" and "Papa" is enough to make me look right past the whole "GRAMMA?!-thing".

Anywho, this young lady had a bit of a falling away a few months ago and has just a couple months ago found her way home again.  She has begun coming back to church, and restoring the relationship with her parents as well as deciding to move in with them (she is old enough to be on her own this isn't a 'run-away' scene but a relationship mending one - YAY!)

And again with the digressing...

Anyway, as she was on her "falling away" (as I called it above), she made a few errors in judgement.  One of those errors is resulting in this "Gramma" being "Gramma" to one more baby in a few months.  Granted, it may not have come about in the most ideal way or fashion or timing (for her, as she now may not be able to finish her college at this time) but, I am so excited to be able to snuggle and love and spoil this new "Grandbaby" of mine.  It is also an honor and a privelege to "share" this joy with my "grandchildren's" real grandparents as they are remarkable people!

Anyway, YAY for me.  Handing out virtual chocolate (for us women) cigars with an "It's a _____?" band on them!


  1. You are very sweet to take her in like you do. Love is amazing and can wonders for a person.

  2. This baby may not be arriving in the most perfect of circumstances but it sounds like it is already loved which is the main thing.