Thursday, February 11, 2010

Who is influencing your children?

I left you a link to check out for a blog post I read just today called Let's Dress Our Daughters Like Hookers Shall We. I would LOVE to get your opinions on this topic so please, leave them for me either in this post or in the post where I originally put the link to SarahMae's blog.

I have seven children, four of them are girls. My children have sparked a passion in me; they are my heart. Which would probably be why the name of my blog is so appropriate.

Bob Dylan (nope, don't listen to him anymore. I don't live under a rock and I do have a pretty rocky past so I have tonnes of musical references to draw on. {grin}) said it best when he penned this line to a song (of the same title) "for the times they are a'changin'".

Yes, the times are changing but we don't have to accept the the culture that the media is trying to create for us, for our children. It does NOT have to be normal for your children to rise up in rebellion to you. It is NOT cute when your three year old rolls her eyes at you and tells you to shut up. Dylan followed the line above with this (shortly after) "Your sons and your daughters are beyond your command."

Nope, they don't have to be. Instill honor into your children from the get-go. Teach them to honor you as parents, and to honor God. For as they honor you, their actions WILL honor Him. We have sat down to watch movies that people have raved about and before we can say a word, our 9 year old and 6 year old are saying, "Mom, Dad, that isn't very honorable to their parents right?" and THEY will ask if we can turn the movie off!

Kids' shows are promoting sex-crazed, boy-struck, parent-mocking, disrespecting, self-seeking, half-dressed teens (or pre-teens) for our children to look up to. Look up to! Why should that be their option as an influence in their life. As I was writing this and doing a bit of searching I came across a clip of iCarly and heard "Find out who's crushing on who on the next iCarly", saw a clip entitled "iSpeed Date"and "iThink They Kissed"... Seriously?

Young girls clad in mini skirts, fishnet stockings and knee boots chasing after boys. Is this what you want for your 9 year old? Is it what you want for your 17 year old? I say NO!

Do we want our children thinking it is cool for them to be in and out of rehab, drinking and driving without consequence, starving themselves to skeletal proportions, running from one boy to the next? Do we seriously want to raise up a generation of Linsay Lohans, Paris Hiltons, Nicole Richies and Jamie Lynn or Britney Spears?

I know this is a few years past but should we really think it is cute? I am at a loss for who sings it (I suppose I could google). Wait! The Pussycat Dolls or something like that. Ok, here it is. I have seen parents who think it is adorable that their 3 year old is shaking her tush and belting out "Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?" Seriously? Do we want this for our children?

What values do we want to instill in our children's lives? Bum shaking, cleavage showing, boy chasing, "I just wanna be sexy", "whatever feels good, do it" values? OR do we want to swim against the current media stream and teach our children how to value integrity, honor, virtue, goodness and "whatever is right, do it?". Do we want to allow our children to grow up thinking it is perfectly normal for them to hate us and disrespect us? Or do we want them to grow up wondering why someone would react that way to their parents? Why someone would think showing off their cleavage or the crack of their bums is pretty?

A year (maybe longer) ago, we got rid of "tv". We get no channels. Sure, if we want to listen to the local news we can plug in the rabbit ears and watch it but nah... We thought we would go insane without it. (Before we got rid of it.) Can I tell you a secret? None of us missed it? We have movies at home that the kids can watch and that we know what the content is. The reactions we get from people are incredibly funny; they just don't understand.

Now I am not saying that all tv is evil and that if you watch it you had better "watch it". What I am saying is that for the few shows we would watch, it is pointless to have. Then they need to ruin the shows by inserting self-serving, self-seeking, greed inducing commercials. What do commercial slogans like "Have it your way right away", "You deserve a break today", "Because I am worth it", "Two for me, none for you", and "I love what you do for me" instill into our thinking, into our children's mindsets? To me, they are drilling into us an "its-all-about-me" mentality which then creates a sense of entitlement and we get a generation of people who don't care a lick about anyone but themselves and have no honor for anyone or anything.

I know I am a bit long winded and I do have so much more to say but I think you get my point. What's YOUR opinion?


  1. Yup. With you there. On all points though (sorry) I read it really fast because someone needed their butt wiped. lol Modesty so far is the one we have had to deal with. My sd is 14, lives in FL and he basically hasn't had much say in raising her. The problem, she's got huge boobs and she's pretty, and her mom has little qualms about her wearing tight, too low tanks and shirts, and allows her to wear skinny jeans that make her butt crack hang out. Cuz that's the style her friends sport. Since she's only with us for a month in th summer, how do we combat that? He has made her change her clothes while she's here, and I have bought her tanks that are cut higher. We do try to tell her about making wise choices, and that the best of birth control fails (because I got prego on the Mirena with 99.8% effectiveness) so the best option is to not "do it." (She was here for that and I was VERY open about telling her that, and I dont care if her mom complains. She was born to unmarried teen parents, and that thing is a generational "curse" if you will. (All babies are blessings, I think you know what I mean though.) Sadly, though, I know she has a need for love that she's not getting. sigh.

    On another note, I think it's funny when ppl say they got rid of tv, and only watch movies. Actually, you may have gotten rid of cable, or stopped watching tv but you still have the actual tv. lol sorry. :D Mckmama being one I can think of (but I know others personally, too. And I know ppl who have gotten rid of their actual tv set). So they don't watch tv but rent tv shows on dvd. Same thing? I guess you miss the commercials. My neighbors used to record everything, then watch it later, mute and ff thru the commercials.

    Ok, enough rambling. I'm long winded. I can't help it.

  2. You're so right about the "we got rid of tv" thing...LOL. Never really thought that one through did I? LOL. We don't watch any tv shows online (other than myself. I watch two "Biggest Loser" and "Extreme Make-over: Home Edition"). I will modify my behavior {Grin}.

    I do so totally know what you mean about generational curses.

    It's a shame about you step-daughter. We have the same issues and all we can do is say "This is what is expected when you are at our house. We understand the rules are different at mom's but this is what they are here." It's hard when you only get to see them so often but I know for us we have had to stand by our guns more than once.