Saturday, March 20, 2010

I interrupt your regularily scheduled

quietness from around here to say I will be back VERY soon.  I have a tremendously annoying sinus cold and I am not quite able to string too many coherent sentences together. That combined with still trying to do my day-to-day duties and trying to get some interior decorating done for our church has me wiped.  I am also in the thought process stage of  writing a new last, The Biggest Loser Church Edition, was a success and I have now been asked to write one on Gnats and Camels.  (I promise to explain what that means at a later but very soon date.  I also promise to get that post up on prayer that some of you asked me to explain through comments on my blog or, mostly, through emails).  This skit needs to be written and perfected by our conference in May.  In between now and then we have a science fair with school that I am guiding Jellybean through (as this is her first science fair project), decorating the church foyer, a classroom and the ladies bathrooms, and preparing for a conference in April.

April's conference: Contending for Revival
May's conference: Restoring His Order

Looking forward to them both!

Now...back to napping;
I have used all the strength I can muster. {grin)

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