Friday, April 16, 2010


...all prayer warriors!

I have access to my daughter, Rush's secret facebook account. Shhh. I can't comment on it but I can see it and see what she updates.

Her most recent update is "...FML". Some of you may not be up to snuff on the shorthand text lingo of this upcoming generation so, that means (pardon my crudeness) "eff my life". (Can you just imagine what the speeches of our political leaders will be like in the next 25-30 years. "So I was talking to my ppl & my BFF from chna...brb...k...said that trbl's coming b/c, o, fml....")

Anyway, I would just like for you who pray to pray for my daughter over the next few days (weeks, months if I can get greedy :-D) and if I may be a bit on the specific side, pray for a softening of her heart and for a Godly remorse for all the things she has said and done. Pray for a conviction but not a condemnation. Pray that she hear God calling out to her; pray for her to realize what it is she is truly searching for and for her to remember when she was truly happy and at true peace and any other thing that God places in your spirit; you know, like restoration in her relationships with her siblings, her father, her mother and, most importantly, her Father.

Her not living with me would not be so hard if she would allow the restoration of that one key relationship. If her rebellion would be uprooted and anihilated. Yeah, I could, sort of, deal with her not being here. Sort of. Not really. Maybe only a little.

I know that although my eyes are heavy and my body weary and my bed calling my name, I will be speaking life and peace (shalom) over my beautiful daughter for quite awhile tonight. Think of the testimony that can, and will, be! The prodigal son daughter returning home! Heh, a life without hope or vision or dreams is but a wasteland.


  1. praying for Rush! That she may soften her heart to Him, that she may realize her sinful nature. Praying for you to have comfort!!!

  2. i pray for her when she pops in my head during the day. thank you for all the prayer points.
    have a blessed weekend~

  3. Thank you. ladies SO much! You guys have become friends to me over the past little while and I am so grateful and appreciative and thankful for you! Thank you! Thank you!