Monday, April 12, 2010

Not your average classroom

The desks are on the other side of the room; this is/will be their reading area.  We will be getting a nice black loveseat for them.  You know, once I get the trim bought and someone to cut and install it.  :-D

Happy and tired to have the mudding, sanding and painting done.  Yes!  It is done!  I also moved the bookshelves and other storage containers around for them.  Glad I had a cute guy helping me!

Friday night, a night we normally have service, was dubbed a work night at Manville to get the last minute things done.  BigB, the kids and I were at the church school working on the classroom.  It needed to get done.  We are having another conference this coming weekend and wanted the painting, at least, completed.  So...what did we do since we weren't having church service?  We had our own.

Sort of.

We joined one on streaming video. Yes, we joined our friends and family at World Revival Church in KC, Mo.  The kids were really able to engage in the worship time with Pastor Dustin!  Loved it!

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