Saturday, May 1, 2010


to this post.

When you don't freak out and just allow God to be in control, the things that happen are amazing!

We just found out that when we move into the townhouse our rent will only be $600!  We have favor with the landlords because of all the work that we have done (not that that is the reason we do these thngs but it has helped us to get a blessing). 

God is, as always, good and in control; we just have to let Him!  Can I just let out a YAY GOD!!!  I am so grateful for this blessing!  We thought we may have to take the kids out of their music lessons and both Jellybean and Bug offered to give up their allowances so we could move into the new place...I love those kids and I LOVE my God!

He can move any mountain!  Not just these financial ones.  All of them.  Rush. Our not owning a home.  Our finances.  All of them!

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