Saturday, May 22, 2010

Funny how our brains work

and our self conscience for that matter.

I am on the worship team and the corporate prayer team at our church meaning 2-3 times a week I get up in front of our congregation and sing my heart out as a back-up singer and once a week I stand in front of our congregation and pray for one topic or another.   All of this is in front of the congregation with them looking at me and, it does not bother me.  I do not get nervous about it at all.

Yesterday was the first time I was the one orchestrating and bringing the testimonies to the congregation and it made my stomach to flips and flops and eventually hide somewhere down in my feet.  I do it again today - if there are any testimonies that is.  I also get up with two other people to sing a song myself and another girl wrote and we each sing our own part.

The last time I sang a solo I was in Grade 6 and I thought I was going to die!  I am pretty sure I am feeling that nervous right now!

I keep trying to remember what Pastor spoke to the corporate prayer team the other day about a performance anxiety - you can't do good and you can't do bad; you just do.  I need to remember that what I am doing is not to please man but to be done unto God with the very best of my ability and the purest of reasons and ambitions.

So, I am trying to find the outfit I need for the song tonight; it's in the midst of some of these boxes and bags - somewhere.

And, I am pretty sure I have some butterflies to throw up or something...

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  1. Praying you do beautifully :)

    With love and hope,