Monday, May 10, 2010

An unexpected

yet thoroughly pleasant surprise occurred yesterday.  Yes, yesterday may have been Mother's Day but yesterday was NOT about me and it was great!

I spent a fabulous and powerful morning/afternoon at church where I met a couple and their young son who had driven all night (sleeping one hour) from B.C. to get to our church.  People are moving from all over Canada to come; it's very exciting!  Anyway, they have no place to stay, as of yet; they will be staying in the same group of townhouses as we will but their unit is not ready yet.

In the mean time, they are staying with us - in the midst of boxes and chaos, we are having a wonderful time getting to know each other.  I have an empty a getting fuller all the time box that I am filling with things that they will need for their new house, along with the boxes of stuff I am pricing to sell in the garage sale.

We decided yesterday that we would take them out for a Mother's Day lunch at a local buffet.  The bill never, ever came.  By the time we were finishing our desserts our server came to us and informed us that she would not be bringing us a bill as ours had been taken care of all ready.  The whole thing (probably about $70.00)!  I think it was our pastor; he's "sneaky" like that {grin}.

So, I didn't get spoiled with gifts or breakfast in bed but I was blessed with the ability to give to someone else, someone who has given up all they had (save for 3 outfits each, a couple of towels, a few blankets and a cooler) jumped in their van and travelled 21 hours to a city where they knew no one.

I think that made it, other than my first mother's day ever, the best mother's day I have ever had.

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