Monday, June 28, 2010

I am moved to tears

Bug is upstairs playing with a little two year old boy that we are watching.

We can hear Bug saying to him "Yeah, God!" and his little friend repeats after him "Yeah, God!"

Shortly after we heard Bug saying, "We love you, Jesus!" and the little guy repeating just that sentiment.

I adore how my children are so willing to lead their friends from church...


Jellybean wanted to see what has been happening in Haiti lately.  The only video I could find was an old news video from when the earthquake first happened.

After several minutes of quiet contemplation (once the video stopped), Jellybean asked me, "Mommy, what can I do for the people of Haiti?".

"Baby, other than praying for them still, I don't know."

A few more moments of quiet as she  fell deep into her great big loving heart.
"Mommy, I know that they are now doing a bit better but on the video those children were so scared and sad.  When I am scared and sad I like to snuggle my teddybears.  Maybe we can send them teddybears."

I had to admit to her that I wouldn't even know where to begin anything of that magnitude and the few teddybears we have here may not be accepted due to the small number.  But I also told her that I have great readers who may know how to go about that or know of a foundation where she could add her teddybears for those children.

Her biggest fear is that the people of Haiti will question whether God loves them or not since some people think that this was His way of punishing them.  We know that that is far from the truth.  God is good.  Everything that is in Him is good! And she fears that they will think God is responsible for their pain, loss and sadness.

So, any ideas? Suggestions? Pointers?

Just as a sidenote: My heart just swells with joy and pride at how compassionate and caring my children are. I am truly blessed to be entrusted with the lives of these precious children.

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