Saturday, July 10, 2010


Today I cleaned many, many grubby, muddy hand and footprints off my walls.  Every wall.  Upstairs and downstairs.

I was rather annoyed about having to clean those fingerprints when I started out and was about to tell my children that they didn't need to be dragging their hands across the walls and they most certainly did not need to be putting their feet on the walls when God spoke to me.

"Do all things with a thankful and joyful heart."

My eyes instantly filled with tears.  How many times have I wished that Rush was here for me to hear her stomp up the stairs or what-have-you?  How many times had I wished that I could have Gabriel here to be making messes? How many parents would give their left arms to be able to clean muddy prints off of their walls once again?

How inconsiderate and ungrateful of me to be grumbling about cleaning up mud prints from the palms of my gorgeous children's hands.  My children.  Who got muddy making mud pies or falling off their bike or digging for worms or any number of things that kids do to get dirty.  They had fun getting that dirty.  They made a memory. They enjoyed that portion of their youth.  And I, I get to be thankful to clean it up knowing that my house is full of my children's laughter and joy in every one of those prints.

I gladly cleaned those prints off my walls and I gladly look forward to seeing new ones in their place tomorrow.  I am blessed to have happy, healthy, dirt playing children!


  1. Talk about God's timing...As I read this post, I have a mountain of dishes to do! What a good reminder to be thankful for what we have. Blessings to you today!

  2. Thanks for the reminder.

    When Caleb died I left his little fingerprints on the handle to our stove drawer as I felt it was a precious part of him that I could hang onto. They eventually went away with the dust that accumulated on them.

    My mom had also kept a handprint on the back of her glass window in her door as a reminder that Caleb had been there and that he existed and that his little life was remembered and important.

    It will be two years in August since his life slipped from earth to heaven and into the arms of Jesus and those fingerprints have faded away.

    What I wouldn't do to have his fingerprints here again as evidence that he was still here...

    With Hope,