Monday, July 5, 2010


You just gotta sleep

This picture is of Bug at the end of a Friday night church service.  Yes, he IS sleeping! Soundly sleeping!

Jellybean and friend, Uncle Wayne, sleeping on the couch.  This was when we were working hard on the Manville project. Jellybean too.  I think the proof is in the picture.  Two dear friends sound asleep - listening to some music.

This is what revival's about.  And that is, after all, what we are striving for.  You sleep when you can, wherever you can, for however long you can... {grin}


  1. I wish I could fall asleep in that position Bug is in - I'd get a lot of catnaps in. :)

  2. so sweet!!!!
    I love taking pictures of people asleep, it makes me feel kinda sneaky;O)