Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Taberu Jikan

"What is that?" you say.

That is Japanese meaning 'time to eat'.

And that is precisely what we did!

Our entire worship team, and my husband, went to The City for a night out (on Sunday) and found ourselves at a relatively new sushi bar.  I just happen to be allergic to shellfish and so I don't get daring or adventurous at all with my food experiences.

I had spring rolls, beef/vegetable udon noodles, beef udon soup and cucumber/avocado maki rolls.  BigDaddy got a lot more adventurous.  He tried all sorts of things.  Spider crab sushi, squid, octopus...the list goes on and on.

A look at some of our fun!

The basket has tempura in it - this looks like shrimp and sweet potato.  The shell dish had a skewer of shrimp with a delicious (according to BigDaddy) sauce; in fact I think he ordered 4 skewers (each containing 3 shrimp) and the square dish at the top of the photo is the beef/vegetable udon.

A friend of mine eating her beef udon soup, to her left hand side is a cucumber/avocado handwrap.

There we are - me and my baby.

Another friend eating octupus sushi.

We were in the city that Rush lives in and I was unable to get to see her.  We rushed in and rushed home, as our ride had left her 6 month old son home with her sister and, like any new mom, she wanted to get home to her baby.  I felt awful being in the same city as my girl and not seeing her.

Today we are going back to The City in order to get my passport done for our upcoming trip to KC,MO!  I sure hope we are able to get together with her today!  Even if it is for a quick coffee or something!


  1. I hope you get to see her!!!! I love sushi, my favorite food:O)

  2. that sounds really good - what you ate - no so much the octopus...