Monday, July 12, 2010

Your faithfullness will be rewarded...just ask Jellybean

I mentioned on here a couple days ago that Jellybean's bike had been stolen and reclaimed.  During the "stolen phase" she never once grumbled or complained - other than her initial cry upon discovery of said stolen bike.  She just kept her faith in God and told me "The Bible says that we will get back what is stolen from us" and that was that.

She testified at church yesterday about getting her bike back and how she never lost faith in God and just lived to honor him and not worry about the bike being stolen. Pastor felt lead to take up an offering for her so that what was stolen would be returned 7-fold. She got enough money that (probably) tonight we will be going out and buying what she wants, something she can invest in herself with - an Ipod nano, lime green in color so that she can download sermons and worship music.  (She did have a business venture while I was at work today to raise a bit more money to pay for the taxes and raised $4 with an iced tea stand.)

I am amazed and humbled by her - yet again.

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