Sunday, August 15, 2010

Childlike Faith

Jellybean has to be the one to pray lately. She loves it. We love that she does.

At meal time we get this

"Dear Jesus, thanks for the eatin' and the drinkin'. Amen."

At Bug's nap, he gets something along the lines of this

"Dear Jesus, help Bug to have a good sleep and no bad dreams and no peein' the bed. Amen"

The other day I hit my funny bone on something and she raced to my side to pray for me.

"Dear Jesus, you fix things so make mommy better with no more hurting."

Honestly, it makes me want to cry, for two reasons. One, it is so precious and fills me with such a sense of pride and two, I wish I relied that much on prayer instead of trying to fix everything myself first and giving God a much bigger problem than He would have had in the first place.
(originally posted May 5, 2005 on my original blog)

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