Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Missing Kansas City

Oh yes! We had a marvelous trip (inspite of the 4 grown people stuffed in a car for a 24 hour drive); we had loads of fun getting to know each other better, getting lost due to construction in the city, learning loads at the Encounter conference we attended, visiting with old friends and new ones.

I came back with lots of knowledge, lots of revelation, lots of things removed from my life, lots of things added to it, a few new items of clothing (I heart Maurices!), and a smidge of a sinus infection brought on by going in and out of air conditioned rooms to the heat.  It was so nice to get to experience some heat (not only the conference but I mean the weather as well) as we have had only a few nice days this summer.

It was (and is) SO good to have our children back in our home, as they stayed at their grandparent's house while we were away.  They came back home looking older and inches taller - yes, even in that short week.  I know they aren't but they look it!

I have so much information to absorb from the conference - all of it fantastic!

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