Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bacon Tid Bits

The week is catching up to me but I am still in good spirits - only slightly in need of a nap.  You see my honey is gone again this week.  I have a hard time sleeping when he is gone.  Last night I conversed on my personal facebook over some of the silliest things.

Oh yes, we discussed our neighborhood being "goosed" - more on that in a moment, and how we could bet laundry folding gnomes to come to our house since it was apparent that no one was going to build me the inner laundry folding device for my dryer.  That convesation soon ended up in a debate as to who would be more efficient laundry folding gnomes or laundry folding fairies.  I, personally, think fairies are to flightly while the gnome from Expedia has been very reliable for how many years?

Now to explain how our neighborhood got goosed. And we most certainly did.  There are currently about 90 geese being cleaned in our little complex as I speak, er, type.  How did we get so many Canadian Geese?  I am so glad you asked. You didn't? I'm pretty sure you did - even if you didn't say it out loud, the thought ran through your head like "what the...heh, how does one get that many geese?"

BigDaddy's work partner has a cousin who is a hunting guide.  Each year he has a group of gentlemen that come up from The States to hunt geese but as they live so far they don't really take any home - they just like to do it.  Evidently, they had a good year this year and that's no goosing oops, I mean goofing.

I found some really good deals at the store yesterday - our laundry soap is on sale... $9.97 instead of $15.97.  I bought three.  Cases of Campbells soup (tomato and mushroom only) for $5 instead of $8. I also found two little sweaters for Jellybean in the clearance racks for $1 instead of $14.  I did get  a few stocking stuffers for Christmas all ready. I also have a couple of main gifts bought and that makes me feel good.  Total cost of presents so far - and I am serious people - $40. That's with two main presents totally bought, 3 items of clothes purchased for Jellybean (so far), a wooden butcher's block cutting board and 5 stocking stuffers!  Woot!  Organization and starting early enough to utilize good sales totally "rox my sox"!

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