Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Can't Believe the Difference

I was recently blessed with a pair of cheap, read knock-off shoes like this from a dear friend of mine. I had seen these shoes but had never really given much thought to them.  I thought they were just another gimmick to get people to spend ridiculous amounts of money on something that claimed to make weight loss easier for them.

I have worn the pair of "rocker" shoes that I got for one day at work- one day! - and I can all ready feel a difference in the small of my back.  I would come home from work with the small of my back so knotted up and sore I could hardly move... My back feels fabulous after my work day!

You want to know something else?  Shhh... it's a secret... 

I can "feel" the muscles in several parts of my leg/butt like I have given them a supreme work out.  This could be interesting...

Seriously, if you are on your feet for a great deal of time each day or are at a job (like one of mine - cashier standing hours on a concrete floor) give some consideration to trying out a pair of these shoes.  I am not endorsing the brand name; this is merely the link/photo of them I found.  Like I mentioned earlier, mine are a "cheap" version... and I love them, in all their cheap, knock offishness (oh that is SO a word and you know it {grin})

Disclaimer: I was not rewarded nor compensated in anyway by any manufacturer of this type of shoe.  In fact, no one but the few off you who read this little blog will even know I wrote this.  This is simply based on my own personal experience with them.


  1. I have a pair of the flip flop version, they don't work as well. I think I need to get the tennys:O) Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. There's just nothing better than shoes with good cushion and support. It just doesn't pay to buy cheap shoes. I think your back knows that, now. :) I suffer from plantar faciitis when prego. Well, summer calls for sandals and flip flops, which usually don't have enough support. After checking out (my size) Birkenstocks in the mall for $125 US, I found them much cheaper on eBay. Even $55 was a lot, but the pain free days that followed were WELL worth it. And... I'll have the shoes for a while, hopefully.