Friday, September 3, 2010

A day in the life of a mom of 7

Yes, I am a mom of 7 but I'm just playin' that this is the day in the life of a mom of 7 since I only have 2 living at home now.  The most we have had living with us at a time is 5 plus a boyfriend (other than summer holidays where we have had all 7 children in our house).

I go to an incredibly active church - a church that is striving for revival throughout our nation.  We have a Corporate Prayer Team/Worship Team training meeting every Tues at 7-9:30 PM (both of which I am currently a part of - to my joy and honor), Friday evenings is our Corporate Prayer Service (at 7 PM) where we gather together as a church body and pray strategic prayers against things that come against us as a church body or against our nation, our government, families, etc and Sundays we have a regular morning service and (every two weeks) we have an evening meeting called Money Matters to help our church body fight their financial problems at 7 PM.  Each Sunday my family is at the church from 8:45 until about 2:30 (home for a bit and back if there is the money meeting).  Yes, our services last from 9:30 (which is the half hour we have pre-service prayer) until about 1:00 (sometimes longer) and then my husband stays at the church until our pastor is finished with any meetings he may have afterwards.

Why do I tell you this?  Most certainly not to say "my church is better than your church because we have longer services" but more to set the stage as to the time crunch we, as a family have.

I have to be really purposeful with my time and energies.  I have to have strategy and intent.  I meal plan, pre-cook, pre-assemble, do laundry in stages (a load in the wash on way out the door and a load in the dryer as soon as I get home and folding whenever I can).  I have lists coming out my wazoo.  What's a wazoo?  You don't want to know - trust me. {wink}

I know that my "chaotic" (for lack of a better word) schedule is not the only mom schedule like this in existence.  Some of us are taking our children to hockey, soccer, dance, music lessons, riding lessons, etc.  I believe we need to unite as an "army of moms" and instead of trying to belittle any one for not doing things like we do we need to support, uplift and strengthen each other (gee, I'm making us sound like bras - sheesh).  I have seen circles of moms who cut down others for homeschool, for not homeschooling, for working outside of the home, for being a SAHM, for being out with the children too much, for not doing anything with them, for... well, you get the idea.

I would LOVE to make this a blog where we moms can bounce ideas off each other, share what works for us and what hasn't.  We are all striving to do the very best job we can for our little (or big) families and I would love for this to be a resource for moms of all walks.  What would you like to see here to help your family personally? As a mom (housewife, mom of fur babies whatever), what do you want to see for resources?

I have no intention of this not being a "Mom blog" about my family/life but I would like to add a bit of substance (for lack of a better word) to it.

This is a judge free zone, mamas.  We need more places where we can feel safe to express our desires, needs and concerns.

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