Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ghost Town

Yes, this week this space has seemed ore like a ghost town than my blog.  I have been quiet.  I have pictures to put on here...soon.  Maybe some today...after I have a nap.  Yeppers, it DOES happen to  be 9:38 in the AM here and I am all ready planning a nap. Thankyouverymuch.

Our church is currently in the process of an 8 day celebration/conference of the completion of this Nehemiah project (the one where we now live and that we were re-building/restoring a very, very bad part of town).  We began on Sunday and we will end on Sunday.  I have had tasks to do to prepare for the next day each day so far and I have worked every day... that means the only time I could do my prep work was in the late/wee hours of the night/morning.  1 and 2 AM bedtimes all week.

Don't get me wrong, it's been great; I've gotten a lot out of this week so far - a lot of life altering teachings but the flesh loves to fight especially when it comes to sleeping and I plan on giving my flesh a smidge of a party today!


I may even take my flesh out on a date this afternoon and buy it lunch!  There's no limits on what I may do to rewad my flesh for the hours of sleep it feels deprived from. {grin}

So it has been a ghost town here, tumbleweeds blowing and everything but have no fear, I'm doing great!  I have been keeping up with you via your blogs but I have been on a commenting strike (due to time).

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