Wednesday, September 22, 2010

"Mo-om, I had an accident"

I've been hearing those words quite often from my dear boy and it is really beginning to bother him.  We keep trying to tell him that this is more common than he knows, reinforcing that he is not the only one and trying to not get frustrated washing sheets every day.

We know that this is not his fault and keep trying to reassure him of that fact. Once in awhile we wonder if this is something that we should take him to the doctor about - especially after every website we visit tells us that there really is nothing they can do for the majority of cases.  So? At what point do you get to the point of being concerned? At what age is "enough" and action needs to be taken?

Of the research that I have done, I have learned that nighttime urinary incontinence is twice as common in boys as in girls and that for many there is a family history - suggesting an inherited factor.  There has been a history of this in a couple of his siblings.

This is the point where I ask you for your help, from your experience.  Do we take him to our doctor? Wait it out? Will he grow out of it? What can we say to help him not feel so poorly about the whole thing? What, if anything has worked to help your child(ren)? Do we cut off liquids at a certain time? Wake him up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom?

Websites I have visited say that if the problem is a result of a small bladder capacity it will simply fade away with age...

Moms, Dads, this is where I implore you for your help, your suggestions, your knowledge brought forth by experience...

Do you buy those big kid "night time" pull-ups like Goodnights?

Please, do share...


  1. Do you do the no liquid an hour or two before bed? I am sure you have tried that. Praying with him is all i can think of:O)

  2. hylands makes a homeopathic bed wetting remedy.

    and it seems like after my daughter started popping her own back by twisting in teh mornings her bed wetting stopped. maybe just a fluke.

    it's so hard to say. every kid is so different. i say pray about it, can't go wrong there :)

  3. For us it was something that the doctor told my son to do...The doctor told my son to coach himself at night before he fell asleep and to tell himself that he was not going to wet the bed and that he was going to wake up to go if he needed to "go". It wasn't instantaneous, but it WORKED! Sounds too easy, but it can't hurt and it might help :)

  4. I'm taking tips from here, too. Thanks ladies. I have a 6 almost 7 yo boy who still wets, LIKE CRAZY. Buy the goodnights to save yourself and him from mid-night wake-ups and bed changes. If he just started doing this, then I would more seriously consider a dr visit (they'll just check for a uti or something). Or, is there something going on at school, home, late nights, change in diet, etc that may be affecting him emotionally? Otherwise, you can try getting him up (even a few times). With my son, he's such a heavy sleeper that this is very near impossible, and sometimes I just give up after about 5 minutes of all but beating him to get up and out of bed. I just can't wake him. If your son is that way, then make sure you wake him after he's been sleeping only an hour. Helps them not go into such a deep sleep right away.

    Strangely, my 2 olders have this problem, but have never had an accident otherwise. My 3 1/2 yo dd doesn't have night probs, but regularly doesn't make it to the bathroom during the day. sigh. Go figure. (And I didn't train her for nighttime. She just stopped wetting.)