Friday, September 24, 2010

Praying for ...

my marriage.  There is nothing "wrong" with my marriage. There is room for improvement; don't get me wrong but I am not praying for my marriage because we are in a rocky spot.  I am praying for my marriage because I want it strengthened constantly.

Satan attacks marriages because they represent the family unit.  The strengthening of our marriages also edifies the "mystery" of who Jesus is to the church body; He tells us this in Ephesians 5. That, then, makes the opposite true.  If he can weaken and destroy our marriages, he then weakens how we see Jesus.

I have choosen to submit to my husband.  Now I know I heard several of you gasp in shock because now you are veiwing me as someone who believes in being walked on but that is not what submission is about.  "Submission" is the act of coming under the mission. (Soldiers submit to their commanding officers because they come under the mission.  Society finds that honorable yet, they find weakness in a wife submitting to her husband) My husband and I simply have one mission together and that is to do what we can to raise our family in the godliest manner we can without falling subject to the pharasitical, hypocritical spirit of "religion" (that killed Jesus).

Submission, in our house, does not mean that my husband tells me I can no longer wear green or I have to cook this or whatever people believe that means.  It means that I come under the same mission he has which is the same mission that Jesus has for the church. It means sometimes it is difficult because I want to feel sorry for myself and wallow in pity because my daughter chose to not live with me and my husband will remind me, gently, that that is an unneccessary use of my time or in some other way.  It means that when he wants for our family to wake up a few minutes early to afford ourselves time for family prayer in the morning (even though my body would much rather be enjoying a couple more minutes of sleeping) I do it because I know that he is doing this for the betterment of our family and our family's relationship with God.

Our strength lies in our ability to work together and so, I pray for our marriage.  That it will not hit a plateau, never level off and never fall subject to battle fatigue.  I pray for a strength and a resilience to come into our marriage, for the weak spots in the walls (like in the days of Nehemiah) to be re-inforced.

***** Disclaimer ******
I, in no way, intend to imply that wives are to submit to an abusive, manipulative, ungodly man. Not in the least.  If you are being abused in any way, I implore you to seek help IMMEDIATELY!!!!

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