Saturday, October 9, 2010

Friday Night

we watched a skit at our church service - a service geared toward our youth this particular weekend.

I found myself bawling uncontrollably not only out of grief by the visions that flooded my mind but also by the fact that Jesus is fighting for my child, for my Rush right now against these things that are fighting her as we speak. He always has been and He will not stop until it ends...

This video was a visual reminder to me of the hope that we have in Him, that I, as a mom to a child who has run from everything (me, her dad, her brothers/sisters and mostly God), have that Jesus is interceding on behalf of MY CHILD!!! But not only that, but that the changes that are in her are not neccessarily her but these things that come to steal, rob, and destroy. 

I choose to stand with Jesus, not that He needs help, but I choose to stand and fight for my child!!!

I pray you find hope and reassurance.

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