Friday, October 29, 2010

Gone before you even had it... (ATTN: VERY important)

but only the money part of it - not the testimony.  My testimony of this has NOT been stolen because I refuse, we refuse to be robbed of that. 

The same is not true for the person directly involved in what I am about to disclose to you.  Someone extremely close to us was robbed yesterday of a lot of money.  She answered a phone call to which she was greeted by an upset sounding young man's voice eluding that he was someone she knew very well (and with the upset tone in his voice she thought it very well could be).  This person then began to explain how he and a few of his buddies rented a car, drove to Montreal, got into some pretty serious trouble, got arrested and he needed bail money to sent to his lawyer. Panic stricken, rational thinking was out the window and her only thoughts were to help this person she loved.

She flew out the door and wired, through Western Union, an incredibly large sum of money (the amount that she was going to give to us as a gift in two days - I am not even kidding!) RCMP have been informed.  What can be done is uncertain at this moment. Will the money be returned? In the natural it sure doesn't seem like it.  They even tried to get money out of her a second time - the SAME DAY!!! This time she put a trace on the phone number (what will come of that remains to be seen).

She feels stupid, hurt, wounded, embarrassed, violated and I am only able to scratch the surface with adjectives to describe how she is feeling.

We could feel the same way.  That was, in a sense, our money - set aside for us just waiting for the roadtrip to town to place it in our hands.  It can definitely be used here.  It would put us in a postion where all our bills were paid up to date plus we had money in the bank to go spend Christmas with our son (in another country) who has been without family at Christmas time for the past few years.

Should we be sad, crying, gnashing our teeth?  Certainly we could be.  But we have a solid faith in God and His word says that you will be rewarding 7-fold for what has been taken from you (and we believe that for the victim of this dispicable crime too).  We also know that God took care of us enough to provide that money to us the first time; He certainly has not been robbed of His power and authority to take care of us.  Our faith is not in the money that was taken but in the God that provided it to begin with.

Yesterday, while we explained to the two young kids that there is a possibility that we may not spend Christmas with LB now and their little hearts sank, BigDaddy said to them "Right now, Daddy's wallet is empty".  To which our little firebrand, Jellybean stated, "Yes, Daddy, but God's isn't".  On Sunday, we are celebrating.  What can we possibly have reason to celebrate right now?  We are celebrating and having a party within our family that our God is ALWAYS good and He is ALWAYS just and He will provide for us!

I really want to take this time to talk to your loved ones, especially the elder ones who are involved in any aspect of your life and warn them that this is happening - A LOT!  Set up a password with them.  Which is what we have done with our loved one who was damaged by this particular crime.  If you are in real trouble and you are really asking for help (that involves a bizarre situation or whatever) you can provide a password to them that they can guarantee who you truly are!  Tell them to check stories out before providing credit card information or wiring money.  If the situation is that bad the person will not mind at all waiting 5 minutes for you to call them back so you can sit, think about what you were just told, analyze the entire situation AND verify facts with at least one other person that YOU have contacted yourself so you know with certainty who you are speaking with.

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