Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Things are a movin' and a shakin'

We just stepped things about a few notches and I am so excited about it!

"We" being our church, CRC.

Up until now we have had Friday evening Corporate Prayer services, which, by the way, have been such a phenomenal time for me, and Sunday morning service with the occassional evening seminar, say on finances or something to that effect. Just recently, we began opening up our corporate prayer team's training nights to the whole congregation for the first half as well.

We are in a brand new atmosphere now, baby, and, as I said before, I am excited to see what is about to happen and what is about to be birthed.

Tuesday night's corporate prayer training is now being moved to Mondays, which frees up my Tuesdays to actually be able to take part in the worship team's practices which have also been, and remain on, Tuesday evenings. Wednesday nights, starting in roughly half an hour, we are having a media night (which entails, well, I guess I will find out in about a half hour just what all it encompasses). Friday evening will return to our regular Friday evening service and then we have Sunday morning service and, in a month's time or so, we will be having streaming videos (hopefully) or simply recordings of panel discussions, interviews - the vision for this is, seemingly, endless!

Why so busy? I simply can't do all these, keep up with work and a family, right?  Well, you're right. I can't. We can't. But we don't rely on your own strength for this.  We will not always have to be at every thing that I have listed and so, with a little planning (such as utilizing my slow cooker more than I EVER have in my entire life) and a lot of prayer and of giving up of our own agendas, it can get done.

Now, stop feeling sorry for me. I find no greater joy (and neither does my husband or Jellybean or Bug) than in offering my life as a living sacrifice - meaning giving up my agenda  for something that is way bigger than I will ever be.

I am so excited about what is about to happen! I will not even begin to say, however, that I am not partly wondering how it will all work as far as juggling schedules and cooking and cleaning and all of those things.  But I do know that it will all fall into whichever place the puzzle piece is supposed to go.

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