Thursday, November 4, 2010

Am I Equipped

to be his mother?

Sometimes I wonder that about Bug and Jellybean.  Am I really equipped to be their mom?  God, give me the wisdom, the knowledge, the clarityto be their mom; empower me and equip me.

I don't ask for this because they are some terrible, horrible, no-good kids that wear my energy and patience levels down to the red but because they are just the opposite.  They are not perfect.  I can't begin to claim they are.  However, for the most part, they are two very well behaved children who have moments of "not-ideal behavior" (pretty minor infractions really, but I digress).

I ask this because there are plenty of times that I just don't know if I have the answers that they need.  These two kids are CONSTANTLY thinking, pondering, "what if"-ing and how coming.  The most common phrases used in our house are "what does _________ mean?", "what if" and "why" and they are mainly with a spiritual or philosophical context.  {Usually at 5:30 AM when this mama's brain is still trying to convince her that she is allergic to vertical.}

And what does this creative, ever-so-wise mama answer to her lovelies? Most often, one of the following:

Go ask your dad.


Ask Pastor Kevin tonight.

I know. I can feel your seething jealousy of my creativity and well-informed answers from here {GRIN}


  1. I've been right there with ya... and I know many other Mom's have been too. I have many times questioned myself but I always go back to remembering something that I knew the Lord told me one day... I wrote about it on my blog and it is titled "Perfect Parent" .. I hope it encourages you.. if you are able to find time to read it. It was something I heard on the Focus On The Family program one time.

    Anne @

  2. yeah...i always say, "let's google it!" :)

  3. Definitely a look it up answer a time or two as well. :P

    Anne, looking forward to reading your post...