Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Brought to tears by his "selfish" request

LB sent us a couple of texts. Texts that he preluded with "I hope this doesn't sound selfish but..."  They made BigDaddy & I cry. 

We are going to see him for Christmas.  He lives 24 hours straight driving away from us, across a national border and a time change.  That suddenly seems really far away.  Anyway, it has been 6 years since we have been with him or he has been with us for Christmas.  SIX years!  Way too long!

So his texts to us were to ask us if we could plan to have Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with just him - none of our friends that live down there.  Yeppers, son.  I like the way that "selfish" text sounds. He is looking forward to his dad's homemade pizza and to my taco dip on Christmas Eve just like the "good ole days" when he lived at home.

I think the countdown is on in our house.

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