Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Organizing & scheduling

I am an organizer, a planner, a list-maker. I need a plan for everything: meal plans, cleaning schedules, work schedules, sitter schedules, bill payment schedules... the list is endless {another example of my list making need - grin}.  If I haven't got things planned, I feel absolutely lost.

But here's the thing...

...and the thing that has been a big pattern or mindset for me to be broken of...

I do not want to be one of those people who have an add-on God.  Yes. An add-on God.  You know where their life, their schedule, their desires are not inconvenienced at all for the sake of another? God is not an add-on to our lives.  We can not simply fit Him into our schedules by giving Him a bit of our time on Sundays. 

A lot of people, around here anyway, don't understand our way of thinking.  We get a lot of "well, don't you spend quality time together as a family?".

Let me answer that simply. Yes, we do spend quality time as a family.  The time we spend together draws us closer, makes us stronger, unifies us.  We worship God together. We have spent hours in our living room crying out, praying to God; we spend a food deal of time discussing what we have learned through our school work, meetings, teachings, devotions, dreams...

...we also snuggle on the couch, giggle, wrestle... the things other families feel is the "normal" way to spend this time.  Now, please don't read into my words.  I, by no means, feel that we are better than you because this is what we do but I do ask to not be judged due to the fact that I don't spend countless hours in a vehicle running my children to dance recitals and hockey practices and all those things that other families do and feel is a normal requirement of life.

Together, our family has chosen to leave our schedules open/pliable...  We have chosen to not fit Him into our lives but for Him to become our life!!!

We plan things with the knowledge that everything is subject to change but that that never means it is never happening - simply put on hold until the very next available time. I am so grateful for a family (especially my children) who have such a burning desire to do what they feel is right.

So I plan and organize to put ease on our family for sudden changes in plans, midnight hour knocks on our door from people who need help, conferences, etc. Making sure that I have a meal plan to ease that time burden, meals that can be cooked in our crock pot or frozen & pulled out, throwing a load of wash in the machine before we leave for work and putting it in the dryer while we eat, making a heap load of sandwiches to store in the freezer so we have the ability to simply come home and to bed after a late night.

I realize not everything can be prepared for in advance and some plans with my family can not be made up for but we choose to set aside our agendas for something much greater than ourselves.  We find it so rewarding and worth it.

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