Friday, November 5, 2010


Two days ago my 7 year old son, who is the son of the head of security at our wonderful church {that would be my fabulous husband - just sayin' :P} was long in the face way to soon after hearing that he, along with his family, would be spending Christmas with his big brother. When we began to "pry" what was wrong he burst into tears, wondering who was going to make sure Pastor is okay while we were gone.

After an explanation that daddy is simply a tool that is used to help protect and aid and that he is not the sole protection/ "aider", Bug was able to calm down and realize that he had let his imagination run with him. Shortly after he looked at us with an inquisitive expression and asked, "When will God equip me to be a shield for Pastor and my friends?"

A shield: one who defends or protects.

From the depths of a 7 year old boy's mind...

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