Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zero Balance and a Trip to Excitment

Due to unforeseen happenings last month I was unable to do more than make token payment on any of our utility or phone bills. We were also in a place of owing our sitter half of her wage. That was a horrible spot to be sitting in. I loathe the feeling of owing people money. We knew the money would come. Just as we knew the money we had pledged to our church would come. Half of it had and then I lost my glasses, needed new ones and needed to use that money.

We never stopped believing it would come. Or at least neither my husband or I doubted for long or at the same time. Our money came but, before we got it a terrible thing happened to the people who planned to give.

Today $3000 of unsolicited monies came to us. Our pledge is fulfilled, our bill balances stand at 0. The money for the sitter is sitting in a safe spot for me to hand to her tomorrow AND...

We have enough money in savings that we will be driving down to Kansas City to spend Christmas with our son and dear friends!

God is our provider. He answers His promises with yes and amen.
My moments of doubt weigh heavy on my heart.

I will not doubt. With all He has done for us, how could I ever...

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  1. How amazing! So happy for you!

    With love and Hope,