Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fabulous Time

Last weekend BigDaddy & I went to my staff Christmas party (for the doctor's office). Everyone had a great time. I am pretty sure it was one of the most fun work Christmas parties I have been too.  It started off with the staff meeting (spouseless) at the office, splitting into teams and racing off in two separate vehicles to fill the requirements of a photo scavenger hunt.

Items to photograph included bagging someone's groceries, ringing the Salvation Army bell, bonus points if someone donated to us, police officer in uniform, bonus points for hugging him, sitting on Santa's lap, bonus points asking him for plastic surgery, someone born in another country (not from our team), someone hanging a spoon from their nose (not from our team), entire team wearing lampshades, entire team in a small space with the picture saying "I can't believe we all fit in here", plus many, many more...

It was a blast.  Here's your proof.
 Convincing a fast food restaurant to give us A fry.
 Two of the team members sitting on Santa's lap (so glad one of our team members had a Santa outfit...)
 Looking lovely in our lampshades... don't you think?
 Carolling at someone's house
 Getting a safety tip from our local firemen and getting a picture of them/team with the firetruck.
 Our team celebrating our victory (winning the scavenger hunt with a $50 gift certificate for a spa each)
Is "V" for vision, victory or peace?

Supper was absolutely delicious! Greek ribs, caesar salad, rosemary baby potatoes, carrots, two kinds of cheesecake...  Lots of food, laughs and stories. 


  1. That does look really fun! Awesome :)

  2. wow, sounds like tons of fun!
    merrcy Christmas!