Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with the old wineskins and in with the new

2010 is drawing to a sudden end... in 47 minutes at the beginning of my typing this.  This year has gone by very fast! In fact, in (now) 46 minutes draws the end of the first decade of this new millenium.  This decade has gone by just as swiftly.

Many changes. Many adjustments.

In this decade we have gained a daughter & a son; gained (& lost) a daughter-in-law; gained a son-in-law and watched one of our daughters pull further and further away from us until she finally decided to run. Our eldest son moved to another country. We have changed churches and have had encounter after encounter that has changed our lives and brought healing and restoration to our family. We have made many new friends - many whom have become engrafted into our family.

What does 2011 hold in store for us? What does the second decade of this millenium hold for us? I can only offer a few good guesses and assumptions but I do know that whatever it is, it will be threaded with goodness, success and God. Because of God!

This new year brings us into a new level of life... grandparents. It does seem strange for me to say that but having all ready spoken to, felt move and loved this grandbaby makes it all the more real and all the more exciting! We embrace 2011 and all it has to offer us with excitement and anticipation knowing that growth, joy and more changes await us.

This year finds us ringing in the New Year in a town we know no one, in a hotel where our stay has no end in sight (well, it does but I think you know what I mean. How long we are here, we are not sure the number of days.). We were able to connect with our church via streaming video, set up specifically for us, and I was able to participate in our corporate prayer time  via my husband's cell phone (as he has an international airtime package). It was great to be able to connect with them and disappointing when the connection ended.  My two youngest children lie peacefully on their bed, sleeping after exhausting themselves in the hotel's pool yesterday & today.  My life, our life, while not perfect, is certainly good and certainly rewarding.

Happy New Year, friends. My prayer for you is that 2011  brings you abundance - abundance of love, joy, peace, success and stability... (but I won't limit you to those good things alone)

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