Friday, January 7, 2011

7 days into the new year

have you lost your vision yet?

Do you have a vision for 2011?

Our family doesn't do resolutions per se.  We do assess the year that is (now has) coming to an end and try to utilize what we see has been working and learn from what hasn't been. From that we make a family plan for the coming year.

While we were driving to Missouri for Christmas, where no one could bother us, we would have no other agendas to attend to, we sat armed with a notebook, a pen and our individual insights into the past and impending years. We strategized as a family, learned from each others experiences and needs and desires.

We have several categories on our list: spiritual, financial, physical health, family.

I don't know if we will be successful in all our desires but we are certainly planning to succeed! As long as you are moving forward/growing you are not dying (right?). We plan to continue to grow, to move forward as a family.  Our vision is strong for 2011 for our family and it is strong for yours as well. We pray prosperity in all aspects of your family!

Keep your vision!


  1. What a great and meaningful post. I enjoy your blog! Happy New year :)

  2. Awesome! He is so good to fully equip us!