Friday, January 14, 2011

A Look Into My Schedule

Briefly, I am going to give you a lay-out of our week just for an FYI.

- Hubby works (possibly out of town for the week, possibly home during the evening)
-I work until 1:00 PM
-Kids in school
-My husband & I, if he is here, are to be at the church for 6:30 so he can prepare for the 7:00 service. The kids are, obviously, with us.  We get home around 10:00

- Hubby works.
-I work until 4:30
-Kids at school
-I need to be at the church for 7:00 for Worship Team practice (if BigDaddy is out of town, the kids are with me). We get home in between 9:00 and 10:00

-Hubby works
-I work until 4:30
-Kids in school
-Media night at the church, which my husband & I are involved in. He is involved in IT work at the church as well as helping to research & plan equipment we need and all the other technical stuff that is involved. I help to write articles, help with photography/editing, our facebook page, and now promotional videos (most of the creative stuff I am involved in helping with).

-Hubby works
-I work until 4:30
-Kids school
-Family time (like wii or what-have-you)
-Prep cooking
-Corporate Prayer Team preparation for Friday

-Hubby works (or is just getting back into town)
-I work until noon
-Kids in school until 2:00 only
-Final preparation for Corporate Prayer if needed
-Finalizing testimonies for Sunday's service with my partner

-family time
-Possibly visiting friends/family

-Church service from about 8:30-about 1:30
-much needed nap
-chill out time

We keep our children with us for all of our work we need to do at the church so we are together, if they need help with homework, or just want to talk (we are able to stop and focus just on them). If BigDaddy needs to go to the church on a Saturday, he usually goes first thing in the morning so the three of us can sleep in and get some extra rest.

So, now you see where my organizational skills need to be refined because, let me be honest with you, most of my trouble lies not with a busy schedule but with procrastination. For example, I could very well (and should) have a load of laundry on and make good use of this late night internet time but, alas, I was too lazy not motivated enough to go upstairs to gather a load of laundry and go all the way downstairs to the laundry room (you know 'cause our house is huge {cough cough} and it would be such a burden to do something so practical). {grin}

So, I fine tune my scheduling a bit and will fine tune a bit more once I get that under control and so on and so on and so on until I am a well-oiled machine or cloning becomes legal. you know, whichever comes first.

I just have one question for y'all... what should I name my clone? {GRIN!!!!}

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  1. Haha. That's funny. Cuz I use laundry as an excuse (I tell myself) to stay up late and have internet time. Justifying to myself why I am staying up later and wasting time. My laundry is on the main floor, though. TG!!!