Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Time to Choose

Today is Tuesday, merely the second day of the week but there have all ready been so many terrible & false words said about God this week. People everywhere, around the world are  blaming Him, using & misconstruing His name & His words to get their points across, in some cases, no matter how twisted their points may be.

My heart breaks knowing that there are so many terrible, unjust, untrue and angry words spoken about Him for I know His goodness. If it were not for God and His mercy, His grace and His justness I would surely not be where I am today. Fact of the matter is, the path I was on, the people I spent my time with, the daily activities are participated in, I would surely be dead and if not dead, certainly not in a place where I am able to sit in a cozy home that's full of love, life and happiness and surrounded by people full of life and love.

Even people who love Him, unknowingly say hurtful things about Him when we doubt He will provide for us, when we feel He has bestowed sickness & disease upon us, when we speak doubt, uncertainty, dismay, when we speak poorly or critically of others...

We need to ensure that our words and that our praises reach the ears of God, that we surround Him with such magnificent, resounding praises that we protect Him from hearing those words that break His heart.

You may question why God needs to be protected because, after all, He IS God. What I want you to do is to sit and think about how your praises, your simple words could fill His ears so He doesn't need to hear those false accusations... wouldn't you want to do all you could to ensure He that He doesn't HAVE to hear those horrible words?

We all have a choice that we can make EVERY day. Let your words be full of life, hope and praise to The One who deserves EVERY good word we can say to and about Him. Let's make our choice.

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  1. thank you for this very needed reminder!
    And thank you so much for your prayer on fb this morning. It really helped me today! HUGS