Thursday, January 6, 2011

Watch it!

Your words that is.

That's something that I've been really thinking about lately...really it's what God has been pushing to the front of my thinking and it has really made me become more aware of the words and the neccessity of what I may say more and more.

People, well, I should be specific, Christians spend so much time worrying about making sure we do what is right that we forget about making sure we say what is right and I am just as guilty as the next guy/gal.  I have been foolish - not meaning joking around - but I have been careless when throwing my words around.

I think that is definitely one of the things I want to work on this year - watching my words.

If I am careless with my words when I speak with my children why would they listen to me just because I tell them "now you need to listen to me because this is really important"?  The same thing holds true with God.  If I throw my words around, if I murmur, complain, criticize etc why should God listen to me when I say, "Ok God, I need you to listen to me because I am going to pray now."?

It is scriptural to watch our words. Please, don't be scared. I am not going to beat you over the head with scripture now other than to say that we are told that our tongue holds the power to speak life or death into situations and people.  What are you going to choose?  I know I am going to work on putting purpose to my words and making my words count.

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