Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little concerned

over the fact that I kinda have "that feeling" that Rush's boyfriend, of almost a year, is going to be breaking up with her soon.  I don't wish that upon her but there are signs... it's what my gut is telling me. I hope it's just bad chinese or something.

Praying for wisdom and rationality for her as a pre-emptive measure. Given the fact that she has run away from home and lived in one other place besides the one she is in since running kind of shows she doesn't deal well with things not going her own way.

Also praying, for my baby's sake, that I am completely wrong; she really loves this boy and he has been somewhat good for her, from what we have been able to see. It's hard to see your children hurting; it's even harder when you're forced to watch from the distance.

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