Sunday, March 20, 2011

What a phenomenal day

And I am not exaggerating in the slightest.  This morning seemed like every other Sunday morning... last minute texts to Pastor, to my co-testimony gatherer, getting kids, self and honey out the door in time to do all the preparation our family does on a Sunday morning (waters for Pastor, sound system set-up, that sort of run of the mill, every day, needs to get done stuff... nothing super spiritual, sorry to those who thought I had some profound routine I go through religiously every week.  I don't.)

There were some powerful testimonies of healing and some even more powerful testimonies of how God is revealing Himself in brand new ways to the ordinary people of CRC - ordinary, there is nothing extra-special about any of us or anything that makes us more special than anyone else and through our ordinariness (I dub that a real word as of right now - grin) God is doing mighty things.

From the pulpit came words that some would probably be agast to hear from the lips of a preacher but it was the truth told in love and without religiously beating us over the head with monotone words holding no joy or hope. He spoke to us, this morning, about being spiritually constipated, about needing to "work it out", about how "dead religion will just'back you up'". We've all felt it, the pain of, shall we say, blockage, of not having movement or freedom.  Spiritual constipation is just as painful, just as blocked, no movement, no freedom. Sometimes we just need a spiritual enema because we are blocked, stuck, impassable.

The congregation was roaring with laughter, joy spilling from the "pews" towards our pastor. There was a freedom and a freshness in that sanctuary like there hasn't been in a long time.  Don't let the seriousness of the old, dead, religious system that tells you you have to be serious, you have to be somber, you have to wear black (like you are going to someone's funeral) hold you in bondage.  Enjoy life.  That's what God intended.  He never intended for us to simply endure our time here on earth while we wait to be swept up into some sweet by and by.  Live, laugh, love, find joy in the living.  God doesn't want you to die for him and stop there.  Jesus all ready died for you.  Now He wants you to LIVE for Him!!!!

And that is what I intend to do.  I intend to live my life with the utmost joy and the utmost genuineness. I have an unfading hope that I can be part of the solution instead of the problem, that there is hope for the generations to come.  I live my life for them - not for me - that I may live as to bring hope and joy to future generations by the testimony of my life!

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