Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the midst

of a conference week at far it has been a phenomenal week! George Woodward spoke on opening night (as well as day sessions on Friday and Saturday). Pastor Francis Armstrong ministered Friday and Saturday evening as well as day sessions Friday and Saturday.  Today our very own Pastor is preaching this morning and Pastor Francis will be ministering to us again this evening...

A schedule like this is a bit difficult to keep on top of at times...thank God this is not the way things are for us every least not right now.  I, for one, am certainly not ready to be stretched like this on a regular basis. It has been a bit challenging, especially since I was under the weather for most of the week before and all of this week; BigDaddy being gone didn't add to the ease of things either.

Our laundry really needs done here but, this is what we have done to keep on top of what we have done, which, other than laundry as been most things.  I cooked a nice sized beef roast. Potroast one night, leftovers with potatoes the next, rice and leftover beef the next couple.  We don't eat that terribly much if BigDaddy is gone. Cooking once, eating 5 times is a HUGE bonus - HUGE! The fact that I make sandwiches for the kids' lunches and freeze them helped alot.  Lunches were made in 3 minutes - juice box from the cupbaord, apple and carrots from the fridge, a sandwich from the freezer and a granola bar from their snack boxes.

As soon as the kids got home from school they did their chores and their homework; supper was then ready. We ate and were out the door.  Yay!

Now if only there was a little gnome or something that would come and do my laundry for least fold the stuff I did manage to get done...


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