Saturday, November 19, 2011

Interactive Church

Yeah baby!

This was the experience of a lifetime AND...
 It is going to happen every 3rd Sunday!

What is it?

Through this wonderful invention that has connected us all together, the internet, we connect with, right now, 6 other churches from around the WORLD having the SAME church service at the SAME time! It was phenomenal!!!

We participated in a church service where, when we looked at the screen, we saw friends who live a 24 hour drive away, hearing and singing the same song we were, responding to the same message we heard.

Doing it again this Sunday!  Can't wait to join with two churches in Kansas City, another church from the same province we are in, a church in Holland, a church in Finland and another church that is just joining us for the first time this month...

If I ever get my butt in gear and get some pictures uploaded to picassa; I will get them on here for you to see...I have some catching up to do don't I?

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