Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Call This Meeting to Order

Ok, I didn't really say that but...I should have because it would have been so timely.

Yesterday, while BigDaddy and I were getting our scrumptious deals, we also went for a nice, childless meal.  At said meal, we talked about 2011 - failures, successes, almost successes (which, yes, are totally different from failures and most deserving of their own category. You. Are. Welcome.). We then talked about the upcoming year - our desires, hopes, dreams, restructuring, goals...

A family, and a home, is kind of like a business...once in a while you really need to revamp. You know, see where you've been able to hit it out of the park and see where you hit the foul balls.

Does your family do that at all? You know figure out that you need to tighten your grip up on the bat and pick your pitch?

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