Friday, January 6, 2012

Arise and Shine

Things happen quickly around here; I am a person of action. I, after all, come from a church of action. You don't just talk about it, you don't just dream it; you get up and you do it.

So, last week, it was asked of me if I were able to attend this amazing conference that takes place at World Revival Church (if you haven't checked this ministry out before, you really should) for ladies. This meant a lot of time off work and just after our doctor getting back from holidays but, I have managed to get the time off and a bunch of us ladies are driving down to participate in a lifechanging (and I don't say this loosely) event called Arise 2012.

I am so excited to go. Not only do I know how amazing and fabulous the keynote speaker, Kathy Gray, is but I also know that she can preach something fierce! You will not be sorry to sit in a Kathy Gray sermon; she is full of life, preaching with vibrancy, authority and fire!  Not only that but, two pastors that I know, locally, including my very own pastor, will be speaking at one of the day sessions.

There is still oodles of time for you to get your registration in and make your plans to go! I know I would LOVE to have you there...maybe even meet some of you in real life (well, those of you I haven't all ready met =D )  The link on the words "Arise 2012" will get you there to learn about the conference; the link above that gets you to World Revival Churches homepage where you can learn all about their incredible ministry. (this is the same church that hosts the interactive church services once a month that I told you about, where churches from all over the world partake and participate in)

Check it out, gangstahs! =D

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