Saturday, January 7, 2012

Family Jewels

And, no, I am not referring to Gene Simmons' show nor am I referring to pre-teen boys affectionate term for their...well, y'all know what I am not referring to.  What I am referring to is something that BigDaddy said to me after an amazing New Years Day visit with my cousin and her spectacular family, my aunt and uncle and my dad (all are equally spectacular).

On our way home, BigDaddy's eyes brimmed with tears as he quietly told me how amazing my family is. (yes, I ended the sentence there {Grin})  He said family events, in his family (moreso when he lived with his dad) involved eating, his dad and uncle getting too drunk and fist fights breaking out, threats of more severe violence and all that fun jazz.

My cousin and I had not been face-to-face in 21 years (to the day in fact) and it was as if we had never been apart, never a lull in conversation, joking, laughing, teasing...

My family loves to tease.

My family is ever increasingly precious to me and they bring me such joy and peace. I pray that your family is like that as well, that you know they are there through thick and thin, through joy and sadness, through laughs and tears, that time, distance and age shall never seperate you from those you love, that someone can look at your family and wish that that was what they had and that you never, ever take it for granted!

Anyway, getting back to my cousin, has anyone checked out her book? (the one I referred to here) We have read and re-read this book countless times...count.less!!!

The good news is...there is all ready another book in the works...not sure what it will be called or what it will be about or what the message is but, I can tell you will be FAB. U. LOUS!!!

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  1. "Like"!

    I love spending time with my cousins, too, especially ones on my mom's side who sometimes feel like friends/sisters/neighbors in spite of the distance apart. I think we look alike a bit, too, and the familiarity often takes me aback when we do see each other. There is something to be said for shared heritage. Deep.

    Trying so much to develop that bond with the Vanderkids as they are the only cousins my boys have. They loved their time together this Christmas.

    Glad you have a wonderful family! You are blessed!