Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Heart has been melted

into puddles of mama goop... My two youngest children had a big surprise up their sleeve when we came home from work tonight.

Let me lay out a little background of the day. We both worked; me until 4 & BigDaddy until 5. I received a text from Jellybean asking me to please not come home until 5. When asked what I should do, exactly, with an hour wait, I was responded with "Shopping? The mall? A walk? Bug says angry birds".  I opted for coming home, closing my eyes and running up the stairs and hiding in my room for an hour.

What lay before me on my bed was my wedding dress and a "fake" pearl bracelet. My couriousity was peaked. I patiently waited until 5, got dressed in my fancy duds {grin} and was instructed to go downstairs to wait for BigDaddy.

Jellybean and Bug had set up flowers, candles, Valentine's decorations and a "romantic movie", "Ever After", had a family friend supervise them cooking supper so they didn't "burn the house down", made menus, spiffied themselves up in matching colors and served us our drinks, meals and dessert.

I have pictures, that will be put up in a day or two but what I have learned through this is my children have all ready learned the value of a relationship (thanks, Joanne). Jellybean texts her uncle every day, bringing him happiness, sharing her life and sharing joy & hope and jokes and whatever else her little heart desires.

It makes me realize that I haven't been doing as bad of a job as I thought...that we have learned from the mistakes we have made in the past. I know there will be others but we have learned from the past. That maybe we don't have the time other people think we should, that people judge us about...the time we spend counts.

It has caused me to change my motto - living a life well spent (in all aspects)...make each moment count.  Life is good. I am one happy mama...


  1. What a wonderful surprise! Blessings abound!

    With love and Hope,

  2. You have amazing kids! What a special night!