Monday, March 12, 2012

Remember "the date"

that these two grinning kiddos planned for their dad and I?  The one I talked about here...

I have finally managed to tear myself away from studying long enough to get some pictures of the event up (as well as some other ones, as some of you may have been noticing. I have been a little less vocal on here as I could be but studying and life are taking priority these days.)

Check out the hand-written menu.

We each had our own menu to look at, written in Hilroy notebooks. Mine was pink and BigDaddy's was blue.

The decor was eclectic. An orange table was set in the middle of our living room with candles and a bouquet of flowers, candy fruit slices were scattered on the table and, as you can see a glittered, foam heart and a stuffed hedgehog named Teaspoon were propped against the table.

 We put Jellybean's photography skills to the test to get a picture of us in our date clothes...she has room for improvment on waiting until people stop speaking and begin smiling...ha ha ha

But here we are, in the clothes the kids picked for us to dress and all.

Our server was pleasant to look at and to speak with...his manners were simply delightful and it didn't hurt that his eyelashes are a mile long, his smile melts hearts and he looked at us with so much love and adoration while he served our drinks, meal and dessert.
I don't think I will ever forget the day my children showed me their true character, the true measure that is in their hearts and how much they love their mom and dad.

It was one of the best memories of my life.

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